You know, I look at my title and I am wondering how that all fits in to my current life.  I wonder if I am making a transformation for the positive or the negative…  Well a few things that have been happening in my life lately have been my companies have been going really well, I have been dating on and off, I read the bible, pray with my daughter nightly, but at the same time I haven’t been going to church… which, yes, I feel that as long as I am getting together with people and “living” church, then there is not a lot of need to do the organized church, sit down and listen to the  sermon and be done.

There are several people in my life that I, not as much as I should, sit down with and spend time in community in church with.  But I have missed the organized part of it some times.  I miss the musical worship, communion, serving with other people… the larger group connection too… But in a lot of respects I wonder if there is a place that I feel at home here.  I have been to several, some lack structure, some are too structured, some are way to old… It is hard to find something I can engage with and be passionate with.

So I ask myself, if I am being consumeristic?   Possibly… But then too, if you are not doing something out of your heart and out of obligation is it Worship?  Is it really showing God something?

I am really praying that I can find a connection to a church that I can engage with, that I can serve, that I can feelat least partially at home…

I believe that yes, I am being transformed in many many ways, I think that many I am moving in a good direction, and I am in no ways who I was two years ago.  I am finding that things are not black and white.. wow what a hard thing to accept. lol.


Ok, so my gift of blogging even though I am a computer guy (geek) is just not there yet. I am so not used to writing down what I think I guess but we will see where we go. Who knows, maybe I will get better but I kind of doubt it. I guess I am just not that good at being up on a soap box. lol. But anyway, I am supposed to be posting things here for Allelon so I figured I would also use this time to challenge myself to do a little blogging to see how it works.

Well.. The article I am choosing for Allelon is none other than the beautiful piece of work: Roxburgh Journal with Jonny Baker called Amazing Grace meets the Emerging Church.

I enjoyed listening to this article as well as reading it. I am really interested in ways the emergent church is being presented in all areas of the world. Especially if it has anything to do with Youth Ministry. I am one who is passionate about Youth Ministry, specifically in the highschool age. Now this thing isn’t focused on Youth Ministry but Johnny Baker got his start in Youth Ministry so it was just that much more for me. I appreciate people who have experience in that area.

Definitely an item to listen to and read if you want to know more about what is going on in the UK!


Another Attempt

Ok, so I am going to try this again. Blogging is pretty difficult for me to really focus on. There are so many things going on it is like “Who has time” but I am encouraged to do this by some important people around me. So, lets go and see what happens..